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Who is BrainCog for?

Simple - anyone that needs to quickly and easy create multiple choice exams. We automatically score the exams upon completion and notify the students of their scores. You don't need to do anything else.

How does it work?

Create your exam, enter your questions and answers, send the exam link to your students. That's it - we take care of the rest.

No Installation Required

BraingCog is a cloud-based application - it runs 24/7. And you don't need an IT department. We use web standards and secure web technology - you and your students don't need to install anything.

Convenient for Students

Let your students sit their exam when they're ready, where ever they like. Why force them to go to a testing centre when they can sit an exam from the convenience of their own computer?

Who's using BrainCog

Spec Savers GBCA NZ GBC Caliper AMO
"Thank you! I look like a hero within my baseball association, thanks to your dynamite program. Much appreciated!"
Steve Krebsbach - WYBL Head Baseball Instructor
In 2015, Scottland Rugby began conducting their referee testing with BrainCog
"I searched in vain for a platform that could provide the efficient and flexible exam package that I required. Then I came across Braincog. Since signing up I have nothing but praise for the intuitive exam creation and the easy administration of student sessions. I couldn’t recommend this platform more highly, and the value for money remains astonishing."
Chris Bryden, Barrister, 4 King's Bench Walk, London
GBCA has conducted over 15,000 sessions since 2008 for their Green Star Accredited Professional program
NZGBC has conducted 850 sessions since 2011 for their Homestar and Green Star training programs
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