Answers to questions you might have

What Reporting options are available?

  • As a teacher, you can opt to be CC'd on the student's confirmation email (that contains their score (also optional)).
  • The homepage of the Admin Dashboard gives you an overview of what's happened recently.
  • We have a dedicated reporting section in the Admin area allowing you to drill down into your student's exams to see exactly what answers were given for each question.
  • You can categorise your questions. For example, a primary/junior school might categorise their questions by subject, like Georgraphy, Science, Maths, etc. At the end of an exam, the student is shown the breakdown of how they performed in each category. Administrators are also shown this data in the admin report

What other features do you offer?

  • What if you don't want your students to know their score? You can set that option in your exam's settings - show or hide the score from the student.
  • Choose between randomised QUESTIONS, or ordered
  • Choose between randomised ANSWERS, or ordered
  • Upload a document like a PDF to include in your question - or images.

How do I setup my students?

There are 2 ways you can choose to do that.

  1. For a closed-style setup (e.g. invite-only), you can import your students in simply by uploading a CSV file with name/email address (I can help you with that if you need assistance).
  2. For an open-style setup (anyone can play!), you can simply distribute the unique exam URL (supplied when you create an exam). Using either method requires a student to login so that their answers are stored securely and privately in the system.

Do you offer an API?

Short answer, yes! Contact us to have an API solution customised to suit your CRM.


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