New features coming soon!

We're working on some awesome new features for BrainCog that'll be launching soon.

  1. Custom banner/logo for your exams
    We're making BrainCog a white label system, so you can customise your user's online exam experience. Make each assessment you create its own brand, reflecting your company's look and feel.
  2. Custom URL
    You can choose to use our free domain, or for premium customers we're about to offer custom URLs. Run your online exams from your own company's sub-domain e.g. This allows you to keep your students or customers on your company branded domain at all times so they'll never know they're using BrainCog.
  3. API / Reporting
    We're making it easier for you to integrate your exsiting CRM with our system. This will make is simple to add students to your system and set them up with an exam. And of course their results can be sent back in to your system.

These premium features will be available soon when we launch our premium subscription. What to do something else that we're not offering yet? Let us know!

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